Toggle Toolbar(s)

Toggle Toolbar(s)

Postby srazzano » Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:02 am

ImageToggle Toolbar(s)
Updated October 31st, 2017 to include multiple toolbars.

Toggles listed toolbar(s), prevents toggling of buttons parent toolbar, retains last toggle state on startup and tooltip displays toolbar(s) id to be toggled.
Ctrl + left-click or middle-click for settings dialog.
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Re: Toggle Toolbar(s)

Postby Tars Tarkas » Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:34 pm

Look nice, but I can't get this to toggle anything but the bookmarks toolbar & it only did that a time or 2 and then quit.
Leaving that cause it might help somebody searching for symptoms of a similar problem. I actually got this code to work instead:
but I think the crucial insight that did it probably would have worked here as well:
Toolbar name and toolbar id are not the same, & the later is less obvious. I used InspectorWidget extension to get the toobar id. Click the IW button, then the toolbar. Then it will tell you things about the toolbar including its id. It MAY be that all toolbars created through the native Pale Moon facility for creating toolbars have a consistent relationship to the toolbar name (the name being what you gave it at creation and what shows up when you click view(menu),toolbars), to whit: "__customToolbar_name" but Inspector Widget should be able to tell you about other toolbars as well.

Still don't know why this did anything at all & then stopped. Maybe it was a flashback or an eccentric electron.
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