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Postby avu_08 » Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:52 am

Only set and immediately found this:
1. After you create a button, it is not possible to remove even if you delete the addon itself, after his re-install button again appears on the menu.
2. In the menu "Extras / Extensions / Custom Buttons / More" is not possible to go to these links or skopirovpt them in a buffer.
P.S. Firefox ever make a selection of letters or words in links? Or they have to be dragged instead of allocating? What kind of idiocy???
(Sorry! Its Google translater.)
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Re: Bugs.

Postby makondo » Mon Feb 03, 2014 4:25 am

The extension works perfectly fine and so do most of the buttons posted in the Buttons made by forum users forum.
You need to post your Firefox version, Custom Buttons version. Which button(-s) have you tried (link to them).
Sorry, i didn't get the last portion about idiocy. Try again.

What is your native language? If it's russian, you can post in russian, some people here will be able to help you.
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