CustomButtons Addon Breaks Additional Toolbars

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CustomButtons Addon Breaks Additional Toolbars

Postby BarbieBarb » Thu Apr 07, 2016 5:30 am


I have two additional Toolbars from Firefox 28 that, although I cannot create any new Toolbars now with later firefox versions, the previous Additional Toolbars have carried over through to all future firefox versions.
However, CustomButtons (from Firefox 44+) has broken these Addional Toollbars, they disappear and all the extra buttons that were placed on them are moved into the Pallette.
I have so many custombuttons, and so I need the toolbars space to place them on. It is mandatory.
I've rolled back to Firefox 43 for now.

Is it possible for CustomButtons to not break Additional Toolbars please?

Please and Thankyou

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Additional Toolbars Created up to Firefox28
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Re: CustomButtons Addon Breaks Additional Toolbars

Postby makondo » Thu Apr 07, 2016 5:13 pm

Install Sonny's customize palette and have additional toolbars. I use an older version 'cause all i need is the bottom bar and flex space (which is why i asked Sonny to write the ext. in the first place!) but he has more advanced version, with a lot of stuff in there. Post in 'his' thread on us.o and he'll link you to it ... unless i find the link there later.
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