Conflict with CB and NoScript ????

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Conflict with CB and NoScript ????

Postby xyzzy » Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:53 am

I recently stumbled into what looks like an incompatibility between CB ( and the latest version of NoScript ( or .1). Since CB hasn't changed for a while and the problem I am seeing didn't appear in NoScript I blame NoScript for causing incompatibility. But since it appears to involve CB I thought I would post what I am seeing here in case anyone can shed further light on this problem.

For context here's the link to the thread I posted in the NoScript support forum. Briefly, the problem appears when I go into the Tools/Addons and click Get Add-ons. Trying to select Get Add-ons hangs my Firefox (48.0.2 on a Mac OS X 10.6.7 system). But it's not really a true hang. It just takes an enormous amount of time to bring up the Get Add-ons page. It appears (it's a guess) that the amount of time exponentially increases with the number of custom buttons I have.

I was able to reproduce the problem using a clean profile with only the latest NoScript (was .1) and CB installed. Just doing that does not reproduce the problem. However when I copy my custombuttons directory from my full profile (which has lots of buttons defined) into that clean profile I can reproduce the "hang".

It's sufficient to just copy my custombuttons directory to define all the buttons so that they appear in the customize display. I do not actually have to drag any of the buttons into a tool bar. The hang time gets smaller as I delete more and more buttons.

Oddly, if I turn off NoScript's Advanced option for XSS "Sanitize cross-site suspicious requests" the hang problem disappears.

It's a curious problem. Why would NoScript (specifically something related to XSS) have anything to do with a bunch of custom buttons that are just "sitting" (I assume "quietly") in a .xul file within the custombuttons directory?

Note, I don't think this is specific to my particular set of custom buttons (although I can't be 100% sure of that). So I think it can be reproduced by installing NoScript and CB into a clean profile and copying over your own custombuttons directory from your main profile or simply creating a bunch from scratch in the clean profile. When you do the Tools/Addons/Get Add-ons you should see that page take less time to appear as you remove buttons.

As I said I assume it's NoScript's problem. But just in case, if anyone can shed some additional light on this thanks in advance for your insight.
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